What Do I Need to Bring to Class?

Belly Dance does not need much to start dancing right away!

  • stretchy, yoga style pants that allow movement
  • fairly tight t-shirt for alignment visibility
  • water bottle & water!
  • scarf or shawl to tie around hips (optional)

Egyptian style belly dance is usually done barefoot to connect with the floor better, but if you don't like having bare feet, you can wear soft slippers or dance paws

Once you get higher in level, you will probably start buying pretty hip scarves more often, plus you will need:

  • finger cymbals (also called "zils" or "sagat"
  • a veil in nylon chiffon or silk

Finger cymbals, hip scarves and veils are available from Shahrahzad. Just ask!

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Shahrahzad is a graduate of
Grant MacEwan University's Dance Peformance Program.

She has trained with Master Teachers in Cairo, Egypt.

She has been teaching dance for over 20 years.